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West Park Nature Reserve.

West Park Nature Reserve is the first new park to be created in Darlington in 100 years.

This exciting project is a 12 hectare (30 acres) site that consists of tree plantations, wildflower meadows and wetlands.

Follow one of the many winding paths around the park, taking in the surroundings, nature, and public art.

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Getting to West Park

There is plenty of parking behind the shops at West Park Village. Facing the entrance to Alderman Leach Primary School, the park is directly behind. The main entrance to the park is then found by following the path to the left of the school.

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Recent news

New development: Nickstream Lane entrance

The Nickstream Lane entrance, at Richmond Close, has been transformed by a striking new piece of artwork.

There are three main entrances into West Park, and until now the Nickstream Lane entrance has been a lot less interesting than the other two. However, thanks to some funds from the West Park Levy, that has now changed!

The plan has been developed by a local architect to reflect the heritage of the Nickstream Lane entrance. Originally, this very place was a crossing point between an old bridleway and one of the first railway lines in the world. In honour of that, the redeveloped entrance is a clever merging of two icons: a horseshoe wrapped around a railway track.

By clicking here you can see the architect's original plans. And by clicking here you can see a photograph of the artwork being constructed.

Green Flag application

A lot of hard work has gone into preparing a submission for a Green Flag award, which shows that a park or green space has met a high standard that is nationally recognised.

If the submission is successful then this will be a great reflection on the quality of West Park and its management. You can read about Green Flag on the Wikipedia page by clicking here, and you can view the West Park submission by clicking here.


Some extra benches have been placed around the park. They're designed in a style to match the rest of West Park's sculptures too, so they're as good to lok at as they are to rest upon. Take a break from your walk and enjoy the views.

Path improvements

The paths will be significantly improved by upgrading them to a more weather resistant cambered design. This is being paid for out of the Levy funds. A map of the proposed path upgrade plan is available here.